I woke up one day and took a good look at myself in the mirror. I was overweight, spending too much time at work and too much time on other people.

I was unhappy with my appearance and just unhappy in general. I had low energy, low desire, and just frustrated that I couldn’t get my sh*t together. To top it off I suffer from an autoimmune disorder that can cause inflammation and pain.

I had struggled with my weight for over 10 year, or ever since my son was born and was never been able to bounce back or find a diet that worked for long- and trust me, I had tried many!

But I was ready for a change. I was ready to change. And that’s where the Keto Diet came into my life. It was truly life changing.

I started this blog as a repository of awesome recipes to try out while on the Keto Diet Journey and it turned into much more. I am here to share my journey, recipes, personal tips, diet hacks, and offer others support along the way. I love to tell people and show people the difference that a few months can do on the Keto Diet.

It took me a little over 10 months to reach my weight loss goal, and now I have a new goal- to help each and every person that comes to visit me here on KetoBabble.com. I love showing people how the keto diet has changed my life and how it can absolutely help to change yours.

Food has a profound affect on the body and the mind. And I believe what you put in your body can transform the person you are today into a confident, happy soul. Its time to eat delicious, hearty, amazing foods AND lose weight! The Keto diet encourages no starvation, no 2 hour gym sessions, and has so many amazing recipes that you just can’t fail. I have regained my life and I know you can too.

The Ketogenic diet is really a high fat (good fats) diet- not a low carb diet, although you will need to cut out most carbs. I love carbs but have found many easy substitutes and hacks to eliminate the cravings and I will let you in on all the secrets to make it easy for you! I promise 🙂

Its been a wonderful journey so far for me and I can’t wait to see how you enjoy it as well.

I wish you much success and happiness.

~ Elle