Homemade Keto Mayo

One of the best parts about this is both how simple it is and how readily adjustable it is. Flavored mayonnaises are just a simple step away from this starter recipe (wasabi mayo, anyone?), and once you’ve gotten the hang of making your own mayo, you’ll never buy the store-bought chemical-laden stuff again. The keto …

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Bacon Keto Barbecue Sauce

Traditional barbecue sauces are loaded with sugars and additives. Not so this sauce, and if you ask me? This sauce tastes better, too. After all, how can you go wrong with bacon?!? Sweet and spicy, it works well with pretty much any meat, and grilled veggies, too. This recipe is best made within use of …

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Kale Avocado Pesto

Pesto is one of my favorite sauces, and this kale avocado pesto blend is chock full of healthy fats to help you feeling great. While regular pesto is keto friendly, this avocado and kale version adds some depth and richness to the recipe. You can use this sauce as a topping for zucchini pasta or …

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