Keto Protein Mocha

If high fat coffee won’t quite do it for you, or you find yourself craving one of those sweet coffee drinks after a morning workout, try this keto-friendly mocha. You may be surprised how filling it is, while also satisfying that craving in a more nutritionally-friendly way. This is an awesome drink to try on …

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Keto Berry Ice Cream Blended

  I’m a sucker for ice cream on hot summer days. I can’t help it—there’s just nothing more satisfying. Traditional ice cream recipes, though, aren’t always very keto-friendly. This recipe changes that, and it’s incredibly quick and easy, too—you only need five minutes. The keto berry ice cream recipe will not disappoint! If you love …

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Keto Tiramisu Mug Cake

I have scoured the internet for hours on end trying to find the ultimate keto tiramisu mug cake that I can make when I get cravings!! And while I want to say this is the perfect recipe- it is, and it isn’t. The taste though… I am sold. Now, I understand that everyone diet is …

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