Course: Breakfast

Eggplant Breakfast Hash

  I’ll be frank: I’m a sucker for Greek flavors. Even if I’m not normally a fan of eggplant, I love this keto-fabulous eggplant breakfast hash, and the mixture of flavors and textures it offers. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to start the day. I love that this dish is just anything …

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Kale Avocado Pesto Omelet Wraps

This is another one of those super-versatile starter recipes. Use what you know about keto principles and adopt and modify readily. Grab the Kale Avocado Pesto recipe from us and make a healthy and delicious keto breakfast in under 5 minutes! I love making this for lunch and seriously- don’t judge me eating breakfast for …

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Keto Golden Chai Drink

If coffee drinks aren’t your morning beverage of choice, consider this keto golden chai. Based off of golden milk, it’s rich with turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, and the classic chai spices help give it a boost. This can be a great way to start your day, or a fantastic way to wind down in the evening. …

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