Eating Out on the Keto Diet

Eating out is a potential dilemma for many dieters; here’s how you can eat out while on a keto diet. The first step to clearing this challenge is simple and probably exactly what you’d expect: choose items on the menu that aren’t high in carbs. Don’t order pasta, rice, potatoes burgers, or sandwiches, and skip out on the bread.

Most restaurants allow you to substitute the starch items on an entrée with vegetables. If they can’t do this, then just ignore any carbs on your plate, offer them to those you’re eating with, or simply request for the meal to be served or re-plated without the carbs.

You should also be careful to stick to drinks with low carb and low sugar content, like water, coffee, and tea. If you’re ordering an alcoholic beverage, opt for light beer, champagne, dry wine, or spirits.

Get Enough Good Fats

The next step in eating out on a keto diet is making sure that you get enough fat. Try requesting extra dressing or for extra butter on your meals.

Be sure to keep an eye on the sauces you are eating, though. Some sauces are high in carbs while others are high in fat, and some are somewhere in between. Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter what is in sauces, or to simply request sauce on the side so you can add in as much or as little as necessary.

What if the restaurant you’re in doesn’t have keto-friendly options? This is a highly unlikely scenario, but in the event that you’re caught in this situation, don’t panic! Ask the waiter if you can request an improvised menu item – like spaghetti sauce with a large serving of vegetables – or just order two or three appetizers.


Are your fellow diners having dessert? A keto diet doesn’t typically include sugar treats or dessert, so maybe order another cup of coffee or have some tea so you have something to drink while the others at your table dig in.

Still feeling hungry after your meal, so still wanting some dessert?

You’d be surprised what some full cream in your coffee can do for your fullness! If you really must have dessert, see if the restaurant has a cheese plate or some fruit with heavy or whipped cream.

Don’t feel shy or awkward about your requests, or feel the need to explain yourself about your food choices, most restaurants are very accommodating and understanding about all different types of dietary restrictions.

Keto at a Buffet?

But, you ask, what about a buffet? Is it possible to enjoy a buffet while on a keto diet? The answer, of course, is that is definitely is!

Steer clear of grains, potatoes, sugary foods, and other carb or starch-laden selections. Instead, make a beeline for the salad bar and seafood selection, and visit the carving stations for some protein.

Don’t forget to add healthy fats to your plate in the form of butter, cheese, cream, oil, or dressings. You can ask waiters to bring some for you if you don’t see any laid out.

Take your time and savor your food slowly. If you’re dining with others, enjoy the conversation and really savor every bite of your meal. As you go, cravings will diminish.

Try to fully appreciate what is on your plate before going back for seconds or thirds; if you’re trying to lose weight, portion control is still important!

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