Ingredient: almond butter

Almond Butter Beef

Few keto recipes are simpler than this one—and yet, when done right, few recipes have the versatility or range. Because the recipe is so simple, however, the quality of your ingredients is especially key. We recommend ensuring you get the highest quality beef, use good Himalayan pink salt (which is higher in minerals than many …

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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin’s richness, chocolate chip’s addictive chewiness, and a well-rounded mix of spices make it a perfect addition to mid-morning coffee. This is one of my favorite snacks on cool fall mornings. Print Recipe CHOCOLATE CHIP PUMPKIN COOKIES Yum Category: Dessert Calorie Count: 224 (1 cookie) Macronutrient ratio: Carb-induced calories—8% Protein: 6 grams Carbohydrates: 4 grams …

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Keto Vanilla Protein Fudge

I need something yummy now!!! I say that a lot after a stressful meeting or long day. What I really need is a bit of protein and a long walk to clear my head. This Keto Vanilla Protein Fudge packs a punch of healthy fats and sweet, savory goodness, so whether you’re using it as …

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