Ingredient: garlic powder

Amazing Keto Yum Yum Sauce

Oh my, where to begin with this amazing keto yum yum sauce! So what is this deliciously secret sauce and where did it come from? Well, mostly yum yum sauce is served at Japanese hibachi steak houses and its actually called yum yum sauce- no I’m not lying, ask for it! It is most often …

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Cauliflower 'n' Cheese

Cauliflower ‘n’ Cheese

This low-carb version of mac ‘n’ cheese just makes me happy. It’s all the warm, filling flavors we loved in our childhood, but updated with cauliflower to make it keto-friendly. The cauliflower gives it an extra creaminess, too, which just makes it a great comfort food after a rough day. Even better, it’s a remarkably …

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Cheesy Keto Waffles

Let’s be real: Sometimes you need waffles. With these cheesy keto waffles, though, you don’t have to worry about the carbs, because they’re keto-friendly. Even better, you can eat them as a breakfast dish, a side¬† meal(they go great with salads or pulled pork, for instance), or even as an English muffin stand-in on eggs …

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Keto Avocado Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a favorite dish among people everywhere, especially for party appetizers, snacking, or holidays. The good news is: if you are on a ketogenic diet, you too can enjoy keto avocado deviled eggs with added nutrition and benefits. With avocado as a base for your filling, not only are you getting healthy fats, …

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