Ingredient: pepper

Carnitas Kale Skillet

I love my slow-cooker carnitas, and I additionally love just how many recipes I can then later use those carnitas in. This carnitas kale skillet recipe is one of my favorites, and its heartiness will help keep you going for hours. By adding some veggies, cheese and of course- don’t forget the hot sauce it …

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Keto Iranian Hash

  I’ll readily admit, I’m a sucker for hashes. Many of them can sit a little heavy, however. Not so with this Keto Iranian hash which is still plenty filling, but sits a little more lightly for me than some other hashes. Additionally, the cilantro and parsley keep it feeling fresh in a way that …

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Bearnaise Sauce

  When it comes to store-bought sauces, you can regularly expect all sorts of added chemicals, sweeteners, and other additives. Now my guess is part of the reason you’re embracing a keto diet is to get away from that stuff, which can make those store-bought sauces extra frustrating. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to make …

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