Ingredient: white onion

Killer Cheeseburger Soup Recipe

Cheeseburgers are great, but on a cold autumn or winter day, you may find yourself craving both those burger flavors—but also want soup. In that case, this comfort food is exactly perfect, and again, is easily tailored as you so desire. We love, love this cheeseburger soup recipe! Its has a bunch of ingredients but …

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Quick Fish Cakes

Quick Fish Cakes

These quick fish cakes are some of my favorites, and while I generally use salmon, other fishes work well, too, including tuna, sardines, mackerel, or even a white fish such as cod. I’m including my base seasoning and flavor profile in this recipe, but feel free to adapt to your fish and flavoring preferences. Print …

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Taco Frittata

Taco Frittata

Tacos are one of those things I sometimes crave. Black and refried beans, however, are not the most keto friendly ingredients. In this frittata, however, those ingredients are replaced with eggplant. It is still as cheesy and gooey and delicious as ever with a slightly healthy twist on a classic. Eggplant has tons of vitamins …

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Lamb Souvlaki For Keto Lovers

Souvlaki, the Greek for meat skewers, is a great summer meal, and is traditionally eaten with tzatziki and Greek salad. This is another one of my family’s favorite summer meals, and doesn’t take long to make, either. This is also a great meal to meal prep for the week as you can make a number …

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