Ingredient: yellow onion

Turkey Fajita Chipotle Lime Salad

We prefer ground turkey in this salad, but you can also substitute chicken breasts, leftover steak, or other protein of your choosing. Start with this recipe as your base, and experiment to find what works best for your palate and preferences! What makes this salad so delicious is the chipotle lime dressing, yum! Its creamy …

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Keto Iranian Hash

  I’ll readily admit, I’m a sucker for hashes. Many of them can sit a little heavy, however. Not so with this Keto Iranian hash which is still plenty filling, but sits a little more lightly for me than some other hashes. Additionally, the cilantro and parsley keep it feeling fresh in a way that …

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Keto Cauliflower Hash

Cauliflower Hash

OK, I am quite sure that I have I mentioned before than I’m a sucker for hashes right, ha? This easy cauliflower hash is light, filling, and manages to combine eggs and cauliflower elegantly. It’s simple, tasty, and one of my favorites. In fact I’m famous for it! Yep 🙂 A long time ago when …

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