10 Amazing Keto Bread Recipes that Will Make you Forget You’re on a Diet!

So, if you are on a keto diet or looking into the keto lifestyle, then you know eating bread made from grains is a complete no-no. So tough, right?! A girl does love her carbs at times. But it does not mean that you have to completely avoid bread, you just need some killer keto bread recipes to make it without gluten and grains.

So yes, it is possible to eat bread- you just need to know the tricks and tips to swap out those bad carbs for alternatives!

I scoured the net in search of the best keto breads when I first started my diet. I found these 10 recipes that I just tend to bake more often than others. These awesome keto friendly recipes will give you the same soft, spongy, and toasty texture that you used to enjoy but are made with ingredients fit for the Keto diet.

These delectable grain free bread recipes will not just keep you happy and cut your bread cravings in half (or more), but will also satisfy your taste buds.

Before we plunge into these favorite keto bread recipes, I compiled a few helpful tips to make sure your bread turns out amazing.

How You Can Make the Best Bread for Your Keto Diet

Conventional bread is usually produced using highly processed ingredients that are also dense in carbs. Then it is served with other foods rich in calories that adversely affect our health. These carbs turn to glucose and our body burns them for fuel, while keeping all the calories and fat on your frame.

But bread doesn’t always have to be made from gluten, grains, or processed ingredients. Alternatively, you can use nut flours with low carbs and other ingredients to make amazing keto bread which is so much better for your health and keeps you burning fats while staying in ketosis.

When you prepare bread with health-boosting ingredients, you feel full for a much longer time as well. And as a result, you eat less while still feeling satisfied. Organic grass-fed butter, fine milled almond and coconut flour, collagen powder, and pure ghee can contribute to the production of a stellar keto bread loaf.

10 Keto Bread Recipes to Satisfy Your Need for those Carbs!

So now you can try out these fantastic keto bread recipes to curb your bread cravings and achieve your weight-loss health goals. A total win-win!

1. Collagen Bread Recipe

This awesome keto-bread is spongy and packed with nutrients. It is made by using collagen peptides that are heat-safe which adds protein to your every bite. Joined with the other ingredients like eggs and almond flour, this recipe gives sturdiness to every bread slice. It means you can make sumptuous sandwiches and apply spreads easily to your liking. Unlike other keto bread recipes, this one has absolutely zero net carbs. How awesome is that!?!

Grab the Recipe Here

2. Macadamia Keto Bread without Egg

If you like crusty low-carb bread for your keto sandwiches, try out the macadamia keto bread, which is ideal for making yummylicious keto sandwiches. Great for those who can’t or don’t eat eggs. The best thing about this bread is its texture. It is remarkably crusty and golden from the outside while soft and moist from the inside.

Get the recipe from the Harvest Skillet here.

3. Basic Almond Flour Sandwich Bread

Keto Bread RecipesThis low-carb bread uses the pantry staples such as almond flour and pink Himalayan salt. It gives you a straightforward basic bread loaf. The eggs are separated during preparation which makes this bread fluffy and moist without the use of yeast.

Moreover, its single slice has only 1.25 net carbs. Toast it up and add some grass-fed butter and you won’t miss a thing. I use this bread for my sandwiches and even french toast!

This awesome recipe comes from Keto Connect

4. Coconut Flour Bread

coconut keto breadIf you are a lover of coconut, this bread recipe will surely satisfy your coconut cravings. It makes delicious bread. To create a loaf without fuss, blend the coconut flour, eggs, salt, almond milk, and coconut oil.

Bake this mixture and get a sturdy coconut bread loaf with just 1.3 net carbs in each serving.

Replace the almond milk with canned full-fat coconut milk to make it completely nut-free and rich. You can even add a little erythritol to make a sweet dessert loaf.

You can find the recipe from Paleo Grubs

5. Cauliflower Bread

Use this flavorful keto bread recipe to add some vegetables to your bread. Riced cauliflower combined with coconut flour works as a substitute for the starchy ingredients in this bread while the addition of sea salt and savory herbs give gives a flavorful taste. With just three carbs, this keto bread keeps you full, and your taste buds satisfied.

Recipe from Wholesome Yum

6. Quick Cloud Keto Bread

cloud keto breadMost variations of this cloud bread, use cream cheese which can causes inflammation for those dairy sensitive folks. But in this recipe, coconut cream replaces cream cheese to give you dairy-free bites. This does not mean that this fluffy and cloudy bread loses its fluffiness. You feel the fluff and lightness in its every bite with only four carbs in each serving.

Find this lovely bread at Food by Mars

7. Low Carb Flax Seeds Keto Bread

Keto Bread RecipesThis keto bread recipe gives you a filling bread loaf, which can be customized to suit your taste. It uses grounded flax seeds, egg whites, soy protein, butter, and some other ingredients to give you perfect sandwich bread with net 1.24g carbs. If you want to give a sweet taste to your bread, you can add sugar-free syrup or want to give a savory flavor, add a handful of nuts.

Recipe from Ruled Me.

8. Easy Everyday Paleo Bread

This amazing bread uses both coconut and almond flours and can be frozen for later use. This quick bread recipe blends flours, salt, butter or grass-fed butter, baking powder and egg whites. Bake it in the oven to form a smooth and sturdy bread loaf with just one net carb per serving. This is another daily stable recipe I use for sandwiches like the deviled egg blt salad sandwich!

Wholesome Yum

9. Gluten-free Skillet Bread

Keto Skillet BreadThis gluten-free cornbread recipe is one of the best low carb bread recipes, which give you a wholesome meal free gluten. It tastes heavenly and indulgent, but the light at the same time. This recipe is baked using a skillet, which gives you a crusty and crispy outside with a soft and chewy inside. You will find an amazing Keto Chili recipe in our 28 Day Keto Meal Plan.

Get the recipe from Fit To Serve Group

10. Keto Bread Rolls

Who doesn’t like bread rolls? Soft, fluffy, and sumptuous bread rolls can be eaten as sandwich buns or sliders. Yum!! This fluffy bread rolls recipe gives you low-carb rolls free of gluten. Full-fat cream and mozzarella cheese combined with coconut and almond flours give these rolls with a heavenly flavor and softness.

You can add different toppings while baking like parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, bagel seasoning, etc. You can also use the pure melted butter brushed on the tops of these cute and tasty rolls before serving.

Kirbie Cravings

Final thoughts here- Practice makes perfect, My first try baking bread was a huge flop! Its ok if its not perfect first time around. If its too dense- spread some cream cheese or yummy nut butter. If its to dry- add some butter and sugar free jam. If its over cooked- you it as crouton on your next salad. Don’t give up, trial and error is the way to bake and enjoy.

Looking for more keto bread recipes? Checkout my favorite cookbooks below for some delicious ideas!













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