Category: Dessert Calorie Count: 538 Macronutrient ratio: Carb-induced calories—5% Protein: 15 grams Carbohydrates: 6 grams Total Fat: 49 grams
Servings Prep Time
1cake 5-8minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
1cake 5-8minutes
Cook Time
Mug Cake
Coffee Liquid
  1. Start by making the cake. Place your almond floor, coconut flour, baking soda, and erythritol in a mug, combining well. Next, add your egg and coconut oil, mixing well with a fork before microwaving on high for 60-90 seconds. After removing the mug from the microwave, let it cool for a couple of minutes before removing the cake from the mug and slicing in half by width.
  2. While that cools, make your coffee liquid by mixing the coffee, erythritol, and rum extract separately. Once the cake has cooled, use a spoon to soak both half of the cake in the liquid.
  3. Lastly, or while still waiting for the cake to cool, mix the mascarpone with whipped cream. Spread half of the topping on the cut cake, spreading the other half on the top of the cake. If using the optional parts, dust with cacao powder and top with grated dark chocolate.
Recipe Notes

You can substitute coconut flour for almond flour (simply use half the quantity) if you want to make the recipe nut-free. Additionally, if you don’t have a microwave or would prefer not to use one, you can adjust to make it an oven recipe. Simply preheat the oven to 350, making 4-8 servings of the cake in individual oven-safe ramekins (place the ramekins on a baking tray to catch potential spillage). Cook 12-15 minutes until lightly browned and set. Follow the traditional instructions for the coffee liquid and topping.

Tools Needed:

  • Microwave-safe mug (or ramekin)
  • Serving plate
  • Bowls (2)

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